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Hi, my name is Ana Cardoso.  I grew up in love with pets, comics, animated films and pop culture. One day, I put all this together in my life and decided to graduate in Visual Arts at UFMG. It was in 2014, the year I started to become an illustrator, comic artist and watercolorist.

Today, I'm an illustration freelancer, a watercolor teacher and I've worked on children's books Olhos de Jabuticaba (2015) and Carol Cabelos de Caracol (2019), for Editora Cora, as well as in the independent publication Hérói na Floresta (2017).

As copyright works, I published the comics We Pet (2015)  and When You Gone (2018). With the latter, I was nominated for the HQMIX Award — in the Breakthrough Artist category — and the well-known pop culture award Cube de Ouro.​

I founded, with other artists from Belo Horizonte, the Black Ink Studio, a school that fulfilled our dream of offering Visual Arts classes that are accessible and that respect the diversity of the public of our times.

I've had jobs commissioned by large companies such as:

  • Itau bank;

  • Publisher Bernoulli;

  • Construction Company New Home;

  • St. Augustine College;

  • Unimed and others.

I participated in the Cabimento exhibition, which was on display at the UFMG Cultural Center (2016) and Inarredáveis, at the Casa Fiat de Cultura (2018).

That same year, I was also part of the coordination team of the FIQ — International Comics Festival. I also gave art workshops for children and teenagers in the FIQ Jovem and Brincando com Arte projects at Bushidô Produções.

If you are interested in sharing your projects with me, I will be happy to chat with you. Maybe we can schedule a coffee?

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